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The Initiative is threatened like never before! With public opinion turning against the Initiative following the Skrull invasion of Earth, the camp's black-ops unit, the Shadow Initiative, must leave headquarters on an important mission to abduct one of their own, Hardball - a former Initiative member who has defected to the terrorist organization Hydra

Meanwhile, as angry protesters surround Camp Hammond, a massive threat from within is revealed

Though the Skrulls might be gone, their handiwork is still very much alive as a fearsome foe from the past appears, forcing the remaining members of the Initiative to unite, or be lost in the storm

Plus: meet Reptil, the newest addition to the Marvel Universe! Collecting Avengers: the Initiative issues #20 to 25 and Avengers: the Initiative Featuring Reptil, written by Dan Slott and Christos N

Gage, pencilled by Steve Kurth, Humberto Ramos and Steve Uy, with a cover by Mark Brooks.

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Usa Avengers The Initiative Disassembled Tp