Usa captain america vol 03 tp

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A new Scourge on the hunt! They entered the Witness Protection Program in the hopes of leading new lives

Now, their pasts are catching up with them

As the body count rises, Captain America must contend with a vicious new killer wearing the demonic visage of his old enemy

For Cap, the only thing tougher than taking down the new Scourge will be learning his identity!Plus: a classic Cap tale featuring the villainy of the Power Broker! Collecting Captain America (2011) issues #11 to 14 and Captain America (1968) #328, written by Ed Brubaker and Mark Gruenwald, pencilled by Patch Zircher, Mike Deodato Jr

and Paul Neary, with cover artwork by Patch Zircher.

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Usa Captain America Vol 03 Tp