Usa ms. marvel vol. 05 super famous tp

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She's your new favorite

She's everyone's new favorite

And now she's joining the big leagues

Look out world, Kamala Khan is an Avenger! But is she really cut out to be one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes? Saving the world is important, but Jersey City still needs its protector - and a development company that co-opted Ms

Marvel's face for its project has more in mind for gentrification than just real estate! Can Kamala take down the evil suits destroying her home without ruining her grades and personal life? Speaking of which, who exactly is that with Bruno? And when Kamala creates an army of automatons to help her fight crime, will she learn that too much Ms

Marvel is actually a bad thing? Get back on board, Kamala Korps, the ride is about to get wild! Collecting MS

MARVEL (2015) #1-6.

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Usa Ms. Marvel Vol. 05 Super Famous Tp