Usa powers vol 06 sellouts tp

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The "Powers" comics have been police procedurals applied to superheroes, but the stories have involved wider societal issues

The Powers are stand-ins for the rich, powerful and famous in our society, and mixed with the stories are glimpses of how they affect us and warp our lives

Now, a superhero murder case - similar to those of previous "Powers" story arcs - leads to global catastrophies, and what many of the characters believe will be "the end of the world." Bendis and Oeming are simultaneously mocking standard superhero groups - the cover is a clear reference to DC's "Super Friends" of the 1970's - and warning us that celebrity worship diminishes us

And by centering the story on ordinary people - the former Power, now powerless cop Christian Walker and his forceful human partner Deena Pilgrim - the creators keep normal humanity and human concerns in mind.

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Usa Powers Vol 06 Sellouts Tp