Usa stray bullets vol 6 tp

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On the Road to Heaven - The Devil Rides Copilot! The righteous will fall before the power of temptation! An average Joe will become a saint, then pay a terrible price as an innocent case of puppy love spirals into a maelstrom of violence, tragedy, and murder

A faithful husband, yearning to "swing wild," will bring home a problem he would gladly sell his immortal soul to solve.An evil baby sitter, with lust in his heart, will drag a lost little boy through a shattering tour of hell

And a hulking killer, on a mission of revenge, will be beguiled by love and learn that it is better to never have loved at all than to kill the one you do

128 pages

Reprints: Stray Bullets #21 - #24

Black and white.

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Usa Stray Bullets Vol 6 Tp

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